Tollywood heroes Getting Injured!!


Tollywood heroes Getting Injured!!


The following are some of the examples that Tollywood heroes are doing risks for the movies. Sharwanand was severely injured while practicing skydiving for the remake of 96. He also had a small leg fracture. He had undergone surgery, and it will take him three months to recover. The shooting of Sharwanand's films should be postponed till then. Hero Sandeep Kishan was injured in the shooting of 'Tenali Ramakrishna.' The glass pieces hit the eye while shooting for a bomb blast scene. Soon he packs up the shoot and arrives Hyderabad. Don't know when they will start shooting again. Sandeep tweeted that he will recover quickly and would be participating in the 'Ninu Veedani Nidanu Nene'promotions. Nagashaurya was injured in Visakhapatnam earlier. Doctors advised to take rest for a month.

In fact, young heroes getting injuries is a disturbing aspect of the Telugu film industry. Although there are no serious injuries, if we analyze the issue, the mistake is all done by our heroes. Now technology has increased compared to what it was once. There is no need to take risk and shoot. However, there is a conclusion that out heroes are taking risks.

Naga shaurya wanted to fight without a doop in the fight scene by jumping from a 15 feet building. At least he has to do the scene by tying the rope. He didn't do even that. Therefore he was injured with a leg fracture while jumping from a building. Sandeep Kishan also took the initiative to make a risk shot knowingly. Everyone knows what happened next. Sandeep Kishan himself tweeted that the action choreographer was not wrong. Sharwanand was injured in sky diving practice. Even after this series of accidents, the film industry elders are advised to take care of the heroes.

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