Is Tollywood Setting a Right Path!!


Is Tollywood Setting a Right Path!!


If a movie influences the audience, hundreds of films will get ready in the same concept. This trend is seen especially in Telugu Film Industry. If that movie is based on the good concept, The whole film industry will get a good name. But if that movie portrays a bad concept, The whole industry will drone away. The recent Telugu films are based on vulgarity which is degrading the Telugu films.

There is more attraction to bad when compared to Good. Good effects slowly and Bad will show its effect in seconds. B Grade films are more attractive to the financials who can invest less. This is the present trend running in the Telugu Film Industry. The producers are in an illusion that lip locks, erotic behavior and violence will make them money.   
The movie 'Ee Rojullo' had been successful with the double meaning dialogues those days so that double meaning phase continued. After that, The horror comedy films craze had continued with the super hit film 'Prema Katha Chitram'. And now very dangerous Trend is running with violence and bold movies in the industry.

Babu baga busy, Arjun Reddy films had started the bold movies trend in the Telugu films. Yes, Arjun Reddy has lip kisses because the story has the love depth in that level in the film. The kisses show their emotional attachment in their love. No one can point out that Arjun Reddy is vulgar because of the love story. But Babu Baga Busy is completely confined to Adults. This is very unfortunate that the other directors who are attracted to the success of Arjun Reddy's film have only kept the kisses in the film but did not try to create such a love story.
RX100 film had more inspired the directors. The heroine gave the skin show and romance more than enough in the film. However, the RX 100 is not just two elements but also had a good story and got successful with it. But the small producers had come to declare that the lip locks and romantic scenes lead the movie to success.

Rashmi's 'Anthaku Minchi' film had proved the trend as wrong. Without a convincing story, Only the skin show does not give success. Rashmi also expressed her intolerance about her role.

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