2019 First Half Review: Successful Films are Very few


 2019 First Half Review: Successful Films are Very few


2019 first half completed. According to the official list provided by the Telugu film producer’s council, 93 straight Telugu films and 44 dubbing films have been released in the first six months of the year. In total, 137 films have been released in the last six months. In 180 days, 137 films were released, which means we were confused about being happy for the number of movies or feel sad for the unsuccessful films. Failures are not new to the Telugu film industry. However, the results of 2019 are shocking. Particularly, the results in the Sankranthi season were very shocking. Over 11 films were released in the month of January, including the Sankranthi time. Among them, there are many expectations on NTR Biopic, Vinaya Vidheya Rama, F2, and Mr. Majnu. But the only f2 movie was successful among them and the rest of the films tasted failure. The failures of NTR Biopic and Vinaya Vidheya Rama films have shocked the entire film industry.

By the end of February, 15 movies out of the 15 releases had flopped. The late Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy's biopic, Yatra had even impressed the critics. However, NTR Biopic did not even impress critics. The maximum number of films released in March 2019. Very fewer movies are successful out of 24 films. Kalyan Ram's 118 released on March 1st was a moderate success compared to other films. That means in January, February and March, among the 50 released films only F2 movie stood as a blockbuster film. Lakshmi's NTR and Suryakantham could not be able to reach the expectations.

In March, the adult content film 'Chikatigadilo Chitakkotudu' is somewhat better in terms of revenue. The second part of the first half promises to deliver some optimistic results in 2019. Especially in April, Tollywood was recovered with three hits one per week. Majili released on April 5th, Chitralahari on April 12th, and Jersey on April 19th and been successful. A total of 11 films were released this month, out of them three movies were hits, and the remaining 7 were a flop. Among all 15 films released in May, Maharshi was the only film bagged success. Moreover, the movies ABCD and Sita me month disappointed the audience. Falaknama Das was a bit of success in Hyderabad.

By the end of the month of June 2019 - 17 more films have been released. However, Tollywood was in deep confusion as unexpected films are being hit and expected films are being failures. Especially the films like Agent Sai Srinivas  Athreya and Brochevarevarura has no pre-release expectations. However, after the release, the achievements of the films were inspiring. The films like 7, Hippi, Vajrakavachadhara Govinda, Voter, and Special films have expectations before the release but tasted failure. Films such as Mallesham, Game Over, Special, and Kalki have received appreciations. Of the 17 films released this month, only the films Sai Srinivasa Athreya and Brochevarevarura were hit. Although Kalki Talk is good, the revenue is yet to rise. Forty-four dubbing films from Tamil, Hindi, English, Kannada, and Malayalam languages have been released in the last six months. The failure of the dubbing films, which began with Rajinikanth's Peta released on January 10, continues. In the 2019 First Off, two or three dubbing films such as Kanchana-3 and Vijay Anthony Killer were successful. Analysis of movies released in early 2019.


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