Birthday Wishes to Dialogue King Mohan Babu


Birthday Wishes to Dialogue King Mohan Babu


Mohan Babu who had a 43-year-long relationship with Telugu audience was born somewhere in a village to a middle-class family. He faced lots of difficulties, tears, hits, flops, harmony, conflict in his life. There are many obstacles to achieve a successful life.

"Nothing will come easy... You need to try hard and succeed" - There is no doubt that these words from Sri Sri had inspired Mohan Babu. There is no doubt that Mohan Babu's famous dialogue 'Na Route Separate' suits his real-life personality and mindset too. The people who try to maintain their personality and want their presence will be different in their style. Since he took that style, We can see the effort he kept in his life. He won a few times in the fight and lost some times. Both boldness and perseverance are both positive energies. But his life is the main example of bringing positive energy from defeat also. From the platform to the Parliament, From the drill master to the chairmen of education institutes, 560 films as an actor and as a producer for 75 films.   He has now signed to act in a Tamil film in recent times. His straightforwardness and his dedication towards the work made him successful in his life. His successful films in Tollywood made him collection king. He is also credited with the Dialog Diction Dialogue King. Heary wishes to congratulate him on his birthday from Moviepazes.

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