Many Birthday Wishes to Khaidi Megastar


Many Birthday Wishes to Khaidi Megastar


He followed the words 'Krushitho Nasthi Durbhiksham' and achieved the top position with his hard work. He raised his name as history and stood as an example for the youth. He is a great man who even answers with a smile for even his opponents. Megastar Chiranjeevi is been in number 1 position from 40 years and changed the South Indian film industry. His action, dance, fights challenged the film industry. Megastar is the only star who has done social activities with his fans.

After the release of Shankar Dada Zindabad, released in 2007, Chiranjeevi, who went by the decision to enter the political arena, has made a long break for three decades of cinema history. However, the results of the political entrance contradicted expectations; the political career of Chiranjeevi was limited to 9 years. Again, after nine years and six months gap, e bounced back with Khaidi number 250 with a tagline "The Boss is Back". After a break of nine years, Chiranjeevi made history again as a one-and-only come-back hero who grossed over Rs 150 crore. Now, his 151st film will be a historic success in terms of character, historically, architecturally and prestige.

It is a remarkable success story of four decades of hard work. Not only achieving success, the process of getting success will be advisable and ideal. Such journey of four decades of Chiranjeevi's life can serve as a study book for young people. On the occasion of his birthday on August 22nd, Moviepazes team wishes him a very happy birthday.

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