Kamal's Life is Dedicated to Films


Kamal's Life is Dedicated to Films


Many actors and technicians say that they know nothing except films in their life. They also portray that they don't know anything if they don't come into movies. They may say Life is all about movies and movies are life. However, Kamal Haasan is the only person whose life is all about films.

Kamal Haasan is now 65 years old. In those 60 years he made his life and breath as films. Who will give their life to films more than him? Who is the actor who will reinvent himself for 60 years? Who will be the trending filmmaker? Kamal Haasan is the only name

Kamal Haasan went to acting school at the age he has to go to school. Kamal Haasan's name as an actor has grown in popularity along with age. He didn't have any pride about his image. He didn't try to play a safe game after getting an image. He didn't do any routine commercial pictures. He wanted to make films that brought honor to the Indian film industry. On the occasion of his birthday, Movie pazes wish him a very happy birthday.

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