Happy Birthday Rajasekhar


Happy Birthday Rajasekhar


Dr. Rajasekhar is famous as an angry young man. He is the one and the only hero who is liked by all categories of the audience. He had introduced with the film Vandematharam and been popular in Telugu and Tamil film industries with his talent. Rajasekhar is the only hero who had done more number of powerful police officer roles. 'Prathighatana', 'Arunakiranam', 'Repatipowrulu' movies make people socially conscious and contemptible. 'Talambralu', 'Aahuthi', 'Ankusam', and Magadu films made Rajasekhar a star hero. The film 'Ankusam' which was released on September 28, 1990, became the best film in Rajasekhar's career. Rajasekhar and Jeevitha starred as the main lead roles in this film and Rami Reddy is also introduced as a villain in this film.

This movie came with a concept of how an honest powerful police officer protects the state from the corrupted created sensations. His next films like Magadu, Akka Mogudu and Bala RamaKrishnudu brought good name to Rajasekhar. His film Allari Priyudu had changed Angry young men Rajasekhar to Allaru priyudu. Rajasekhar every film audio will entertain the audience well.  

While some of the films that came after Allari priyudu though disappointed,  Ma Ayana Bangaram, Manasunna Maharaju, Ma Anayya, Aayudham, Evadithe Nakenti movies made Rajasekhar success. Rajasekhars graph had success and failures in his career. Rajasekhar came back to Lime Light with the movie 'Garudavega' at the time of Rajasekhar's career ending. Praveen Satharu directed this film. Currently, Prashanth Varma is directing his upcoming release Kalki.  

Jeevitha Rajasekhar had been the ideal couple after their marriage. They had two daughters Shivani and Shivatmika. Both of them are going to become heroines. jeevitha Rajasekhar turned producers but did not work out. Rajasekhar who is celebrating his birthday on February 4th should grow well in the film industry. Movie pazes wish him a very happy birthday.

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