10 Directors Who Struck Gold With Their Short Films


10 Directors Who Struck Gold With Their Short Films


Everyone knows about the movie struggles undergone by film stars and filmmakers. Especially for movie directors, it requires good skills and takes time getting a good opportunity.

However, today’s advanced communication mediums are helping the aspirants to a great extent. Most aspiring film directors using various social media platforms to promote their talent.  The below listicle represents the young talented directors who have succeeded in getting the directorial debut with their viral short films.  

1. Virinchi Varma - Ninnati Vennela - Uyyala Jampala

Intrigued by insurgent ideologies of Sri Sri, Gopi Chand and Tilak, Virinchi Varma loosely followed his love for literature until he arrived in Hyderabad. After watching the classics like Sagara Sangamam, Sitara and Sitakoka Chiluka and awestruck by Manisharma’s music, Varma decide to join the Industry. Working as an AD for films like Gunde Jhallumandi and Pellaina Kottalo, The aspirant director wanted to pave his own way. He made his first short film Ninnati Vennela, to prove his mettle as a director and later went on to direct his first hit ‘Uyyala Jampala’.

The film garnished good response with the debutant stars Avantika Gaur and Raj Tharun. The audience loved the Nativity and tender portrayal of emotions, specific to coastal Andhra region.

2.Rahul Sankritiyan - Chaitra I love you - The End

After submitting his short film ‘Chaitra..I love you’ for the MAA short film contest 2012, Rahul was skeptical on the results. However, among the hundreds and thousands of nominees, Rahul Sankritiyan’s short film emerged as the winner of the contest. The director earned his first taste of success and went on craving for more. His first directorial, ’The End’ was a bold attempt at the horror genre and Rahul has pulled it off quite well. Despite mediocre critique ratings, The audience fell in love with the film and discarded 2nd opinions.

The director has won a fan base and was lauded for his good work on the film’s tightly knit screenplay.

3.Pavan Sadineni - Love Formula - Prema Ishq Kadal

Started off as a short film maker while in the U.S, Pavan Sadineni has earned his ticket to the big screen with his short film Love Formula. Producer D.Sureshbabu saw the film and was impressed with the story line. However, Pavan had to prove his mettle as a commercial director before getting his first gig for a feature film. He collaborated with close friends and POND FREAKS was born. The team made Bewars, a commercial short film which convinced the producers to offer a feature film to the young director.

Pavan made his first feature film ‘Prema Ishq Kadal’ and the film was a good hit. The director was lauded for dealing with multiple characters and their intricate relations. The film’s dialogues, songs, and performances exceeded that of a debut and Pavan Sadineni proved himself worthy of a second chance.

4.Karthik Ghattamaneni - Inifinity - Surya vs Surya

Being associated with films and the film fraternity from a young age, Karthik Ghattamaneni got a head start in the game. After his engineering degree, Karthik went and joined Mind Screen Institute where he honed the skills as a cinematographer. Found and run by Rajiv Menon, The institution shed a lot of knowledge on Karthik who was an aspirant cinematographer at the time.He made a short 15 minute long short titled ‘Inifinity’ with Harshavardhan Rane which showed the potential of this young filmmaker. He drew inspiration from legendary Hollywood Cinematographer Roger Deakins (Shawshank Redemption, Sky fall…) and went onto wield the camera for his first feature film, Prema Ishq Kadal. He later made his directorial debut with Nikhil in Surya Vs Surya.

The film raised curiosity with its fresh concept since the news was out. The title design and posters of the film were based purely on the concept and entertained the new age audience a great deal.

5.Sujeeth - Tokkalo Love story - Run Raja Run

To satisfy his hunger for telling stories, Sujeeth directed about a 40 short films in a row! Though shocked by a million views for his first short, The director’s other works were a big hit on Youtube. He then approached UV creations to discuss a love story as his first feature. But due to budget and other reasons, The story had to be shelved. He promised the producers a new and entertaining story and delivered it with in the next 6 days. Convinced by the story, UV creations produced Sujeeth’s first feature film ‘Run Raja Run’. The film achieved an unexpected success and transformed Sharwanand’s image from a serious character to a boy next door.

The director grew leaps in such a short time and is now directing Prabhas’s Sahoo with an estimated budget of 150 crores. Also, he is dealing with some major Bollywood stars including Jackie Shroff, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Chunky Pandey and leading B-town diva Shraddha Kapoor. Sujeeth takes the cake as most valued young director of the new generation of Tollywood.

6.Merlapaka Gandhi - Karamra Devuda - Venkatedri Express

Born as Che Guvera in Vedulacheruvu near Renigunta, His father reconsidered the name to Gandhi. Merlapaka Gandhi wanted to direct films since 10th grade but succumbed to pressure from his father to earn a degree in engineering. He then joins the LV Prasad institute in Chennai where Sujeeth was his senior. Gandhi’s dad used to reward him with 25 bucks every time he finished a book and he gradually developed his knack for writing. He began writing at LV Prasad’s institute and made several short films. The director came up with an idea for a feature film but failed to impress his father with it. However, He took the plunge with his first directorial ‘Venkatadri Express’.

The film did exceptionally well at the box office for a fun ridden screenplay and ample comedy episodes. Merlapaka Gandhi proved himself as a director with the film and later directed Express Raja. He is about to start filming his new story with Nani playing a dual role.

7.Krishna Chaitanya - Impress - Rowdy Fellow

After his engineering in Chennai, Krishna Chaitanya entered the Telugu film industry as a lyricist in 2005. he got his first taste of success as a lyricist with the film Yuvata for which he penned all the songs. He then wrote numerous hit numbers including O Priya Priya, Chinnadana Neekosam (Ishq), Sairo Sairo (Baadshah) and Freedom (Yevadu) to name a few. He then decides to debut as a director with a love/action entertainer. Starring Nara Rohit, ‘Rowdy Fellow’ was his first shot at the silver screen as a director and he scored good credits for this debut.

The film’s title and Nara Rohit’s narcissist characterization gained good response from the movie loving crowds. The film bagged a good hit and Krishna Vamsi is now directing a film with Nitin which is jointly produced by Trivikram Srinivas, Pawan Kalyan, and Sudhakar Reddy.

8.Hussain Sha Kiran - Shadow - Meeku Meere Maaku Meme

After his engineering in Bheemavaram, Hussain Sha Kiran acquired an MBA in Marketing. It’s later, that when he was working in a gaming firm, he realized his love for stories and the ability to narrate them. The aspirant storyteller started rolling out a streak of short films most of which made rounds on the internet. His group of friends who call themselves NAKAMA (friends in Japanese) formed NAKAMA PLANET GREEN Productions. Every short film was carefully crafted to perfection and the promotions really cut through the youtube audience. While he approached Sukumar in a chance meeting to seek help for a few lyrics, He had no idea what was coming his way. Hussain Sha Kiran pitched and interval block and climax scene to Sukumar which was later developed into a full fledged script for 'Nannaku Prematho’. The success of this film made Hussain Sha Kiran a promising new talent in the Industry and he went on to direct his first feature. 

With the same production house, NAKAMA PLANET GREEN Studios, The director rolled out a love story ‘Meeku Mere Maaku Meme’ #M2M2. The film was a good hit among the young crowds and the music was chart buster at several FM stations. The director is known for his well though out scripts, new wave stories and unpredictable screenplay.

9.Tharun Bhascker - Anukokunda - Pelli Choopulu

Being Brought up in Hyderabad, Tharun Bhascker attended SVIT college of engineering and realized his interest for short films. The director shot his first viral short film ‘Anukokunda’ with aspirant actors Kireeti and Ritu Varma. The film carried a light tone through out and YouTubers had the short film on repeat. The short film was later official selected for Cannes Film Festival, an equivalent of a mecca for film fraternity.

After the massive success of his short film, Tharun Bhascker made his debut with a romantic - comedy ‘Pellichoopulu’. The film was a massive hit for a fresh take on new found relationships and made Tharun an overnight star. Vijay Devarakonda and Ritu Verma who played the lead couple in Pellichoopulu are now among the busiest young stars in Tollywood. Tharun Bhascker is about to direct a comedy entertainer under Geetha Arts banner.

10.Siva Nirvana - Love Algebra - Ninnu Kori

Immersed in the awe of stories and films, Siva Nirvana started analyzing the working mechanics of films since his 11th grade. The film enthusiast got his first look at the process of film making in his home town, Subbavaram. He sparked an interest in working in films and assisted several directors for a decade. The director then made his first short film to test his knowledge. The film created enough buzz and motivated Siva to make his second short ‘Love Algebra’. The film had really turned tables for the director and producers started taking time out to hear stories from him. His first story for a feature film had to reach Mr.Kona Venkat through a mutual producer friend and was later produced as Ninnu Kori.

’Ninnu Kori’ was Siva Nirvana’s directorial debut which became the biggest block buster in Nani’s career at. The film is Nani’s highest grosser yet in U.S market. Siva Nirvana had proved himself as a director and is currently under plans to roll out a new project.

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