Happy Birthday to Victory Venkatesh!


Happy Birthday to Victory Venkatesh!


On August 14, 1986, another star hero was introduced to the Telugu film industry. Producer to more than 100 films, Guinness Book of World Record achiever, producer of the movie Mughal Dr. D. Rama Naiduin his own Suresh productions Banner had introduced his second son Venkatesh Babu in K. Raghavendra Rao direction with the film 'KaliyugaPandavulu'. Everyone had a doubt that will Ram Naidu's son would come up as a hero? However, Venki had crossed everyone's expectations with his first film. Venkatesh Victory, who impressed the audience with his acting, dance, sentiment and fighting had changed his surname as a victory. with the guest roles, He had completed 69 films, 80% of which were successful. He had proved himself as an allrounder by playing the roles as Lover Boy, Mass Hero and family hero. Not only in cinema, But He is also perfect and matured in his real life too. 

After the film 'Kaliyuga Pandavulu'had been successful at the box office, His next films did not work out. Later, his film 'Srinivasa Kalyanam' had attracted the class and the family audiences. The film 'Raktha Tilakam' which was released as a Sankranthi special had brought him Super Success with his mass look and powerful dialogues. This film has stood as the first film to celebrate 100 days in his career. 'Brahmaputra' and 'Swarnakamalam' have been released in the same year had brought many awards and rewards. The film 'Varasudochadu' had been a sensational film in Venkatesh's career and had created a huge fan following. In 1989, the romantic entertainer 'Prema' had brought him huge craze and the best actor award from the state government.  

'Bobbiliraja' which was released in the 1990s created the all-time record at the box office with 100 days in 21 centers. The dialogues Ayo Ayo Ayayoo had made the audience come to theaters again and again. Satruvu, Kshankshanam also worked out at the box office collections. In 1992, Venkatesh came out with a film 'Chanti' as a never-ending blockbuster with 100 days in 33 centers. Sundara Kanda and Chinarayudu had also been successful and recorded three hit films in a year. Abbayigaru and Kondapalli Raja movies that were released in 1993 had raised his image. In 1994 and 95, His movies did not work out much and got a break to succeed.

In 1996, Venky's 'Dharmachakram' got super hit talk from the first show itself. For the first time, he has appeared in the socio-fantasy adventurous film 'Sahasaveerudu Sagarakanya'. 'Premichukundam Raa' released in 1997, had been a blockbuster film. Suryavamsam, Raja, Ganesh, Premante Idera movies which were released in 1998 had brought huge collections at the box office. In 2000, 'Family Entertainer' Kalasundam Ra was a big hit at box office and earned 20 crores in those days. Gharshana in 2004 and Sankranthi in 2005 also stood as hits. Huge multistarrer film Sithamma Vakitlo SIrimalle CHettu which was released in 2013 recorded huge collection. Drushya released in 2014 also was a big hit in Venkys career. Currently, he is working for the film F2 Fun and Frustration. On the occasion of his birthday, Moviepazes wish him a very happy birthday.  

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