Be Alert Comedians


Be Alert Comedians


Don't underestimate the comedians who give laughter in movies because they have a good history. From past, actor Kasturi Siva Rao to present comedians, everyone has their own trademark. At present we have over 25 comedians in Tollywood, but in the past days, there are very few. Tollywood history says that Kasturi Siva Rao is the first-star comedian in black & white movies. In those days he used to have fan following and remuneration equal to star heroes. After few days, demand for comedians dropped. They used to perform stage shows to survive and get their daily needs.  

This condition is not permitted to only Kasturi Siva Rao, but a lot of comedians have faced the same condition. In olden days actors were least bothered in saving money. They used to spend money lavishly and have faced financial deficient in the last days of their career.

The stardum of every comedian continues on an average of 10 years in Tollywood. After Kasturi Siva Rao, its Relangi, Rajababu, Nagesh, Padmanabham, KV Chalam, Allu Rama Lingaih, Brahmanandam, Sunil, Vennela Kishore got star dum in Tollywood. NTR and MGR used to wait for the dates of Nagesh and Raja Babu. They use to act restlessly in hundreds of films and are responsible for the success of the movie.

After Comedians getting craze, they used to try and act as a hero. They haven't realized that heroism is different from comedy. In that thought process, from Kasturi Siva Rao to Sunil have turned from Star Comedians to Heros. Comedians haven't realized that besides doing their regular roles they have to do hero roles. Instead of getting craze as a hero they have struggled to act in comedian roles again. Likewise, Relangi, Raja Babu, Nagesh, Chalam, Babu Mohan, Brahmanandam, Venu Madhav, Ali are in the list who have attempted for Hero roles.

General analysis of Tollywood comedian stardum will be for 10yrs. Brahmanandam is the only comedian who as he continued his legacy for 20yrs.

Directors like Jandhyala, E.V.V  Satyanarayana, Vamsi and comedians like Relangi Narasimha Rao, Brahmanandam increased the comedian's strength in the Industry. An actor once said that there are 40 comedians in Tollywood 10yrs ago which is the highest number of comedians in any other movie industry. Nowadays this count has been decreased and for every 2yrs new actors are coming to the film industry. For that reason, senior actors drastically decreased. Another reason is the age factor, senior comedians will get character roles instead of comedy. As an example, Relangi, Ramana Reddy, KV Chalam, Nagesh have turned their career to character roles. Not only comedians in the film industry, no artist is secured. Consistent dedication and hard work will last the results.

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