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Privacy Policy : value user privacy, we want our users /visitors to know about the data we collect and how we use it. This privacy policy is applicable only for our online services which we provide to the users /visitors. website is owned by Movie Pazes Pvt Ltd.

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We want our users to update the movies information through online, to receive updates users has to register to our website. During the registration process through email we request users to provide their Name, Email and Password. After successful registration users will receive updates from based on their choice. When users register through third party sites which are Facebook and Google, during this registration we only will store the email. For the third party logins, the privacy policy is applicable as per their companies policy.


When we introduce new features, enhancements, updates we may send promotional email's to all our users, if any user don't want to receive promotional emails from us, they can opt out.


To provide users relevant information and login we use cookies. We do not use cookies to track users personal information. We may also use third-party services to track our registered user as we may share the usage data that we collect from the Site with third-party Sites for analytics and analysis purpose. For internal purposes, we may gather information such as date, time and IP address of all visitors to our site. We keep this information for our internal security audit analysis and network administration.

Links to External Sites

Users might see some links which redirect to external websites, this feature helps users to navigate to the source provider. We don’t represent the external links websites.

We strongly believe in user and data security, if you have any questions, please contact us at