Most Eligible Bachelors in Tollywood


Most Eligible Bachelors in Tollywood


The common questions for everyone who crossed 30 are When is your marriage? Why didn't you marry? Don't you marry?. These are the common questions not only common people but also heroes will face. There are many Telugu heroes who did not marry till now. Though their age crossed 30, They are not even thinking about their marriage. The first person in this list would be Prabhas and his fans were eagerly waiting for his wedding news.

When Prabhas was asked about his wedding, He just skips with the answer sometimes but does not reveal anything. Though he was 39 years old, He is very busy doing films. After Prabhas, The next would be Rana, Who has been single without getting married. Though he had crossed 35 in age, He is not interested in getting married and doing a sequence of films. Nithin, Who 34 years old is also not thinking about marriage.

When he was doing Srinivasa Kalyanam, He clarrified that he wants to get married. But so far we did not hear any news about his wedding. Ram also stayed silent along with these heroes. His age also reached 30. Even after 34 years, Sai Dharam Tej also did not get married. He is also in the Tollywood Most Eligible Bachelor List. Varun Tej is also getting 30 years and going to marry soon.

Even Sharwanand was 33 years old and still stayed away from the wedding. Allu Sirish has not yet been married. However, There are many unmarried heroes in Telugu film industry. They all forget that there is an event called marriage in their lives and doing films.

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