Good Luck Wishes to Naga Chaitanya


Good Luck Wishes to Naga Chaitanya


Sri Akkineni Naga Chaitanya though entered the film industry with the craze of Akkineni family, He had gained many fans in very less time. Born on November 23, 1986, in Hyderabad, Naga Chaitanya's childhood was in Chennai with his mother.  His schooling was in P.S.B.B and learned to play keyboard and a guitar in his school band. After his schooling, Chaitanya returned from Chennai to his father in Hyderabad and continued his degree BCom. He then expressed his interest towards acting to his father and grand father.

Before his first film, he was trained in martial arts at Mumbai, a leading company in Los Angeles. I have been waiting for 2 years to get introduced where my grandfather, father and my uncle was there. He expressed his feelings by saying this is my Aim, This is my dream, This is my challenge and this is my responsibility. 

He had done a great adventure as his first film. Being a star hero son, He had done an adventure by selecting the different story. But in the first film, he selected a different storyline and made full justice with his action.
Chaitanya, By taking simplicity form his father and braveness form his grandfather he had improved praise of his acting career by choosing a good love story as his second film. There is no exaggeration that Ye Maya Chesava is one of the classics in Telugu films.
Apart from acting, He also imitates the story selection from his father Nagarjuna. Naga Chaitanya always wants to introduce new technicians without considering the hits and flops in his career.

Chaitanya, who has 16 films so far, has introduced four new directors. It is noteworthy that he didn't work with a notorious Star Director in any of his films. With the first film itself, he had made a special level in making his self-portraying dialogues.
Naga Chaitanya worked with his father and grandfather had become the first person of three generations in the film industry to act together in India in the film Manam. Chaitanya, who was sober, silent and cool, earned his fans with his performance.  
Samantha, who loves this quality in Chaitanya, approaches 'Chai'. He married Samantha with family support had proved his respect for the family. They are currently working together in a movie. Movie pazes wish him a very happy birthday.

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