Silver Jubilee celebrations of Adithya 369


Silver Jubilee celebrations of Adithya 369


Does everyone remember the movie Adithya 369?  Movie was a trend setter then. Telugu audience were just familiar with family and historical movies, but for the very first time director presented this science fiction movie. Using time machine he made everyone travel back to history i.e., Sri Krishna Devarayala and showed everyone about how the kingdom was. Then to the future year 2504. How the land is and how the people live. An advanced and a fast forward life. Adithya 369 movie was released in 1991 and has completed 25 years of its journey and is still in everyone's heart


Script is ready for making the sequel of Adithya 369. Singeetham Srinivas Rao sir said that they are waiting for Bala Krishna's response.Movie presents past, present and future aspects. Singeetham says that the script is ready is only for Bala Krishna to act in it. Bala Krishna is going to respond to this only after his 100th movie. 

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