Birthday wishes to Nava Manmadha


Birthday wishes to Nava Manmadha


It is a truth that no hero can introduce new talent to Tollywood like Nagarjuna. After senior stars like NTR and Krishna, It is a fact that Nagarjuna took the risk no hero could take in the next generation. After becoming a top hero, he should have guts to work with a new director. In a case when top heroes have no guts to work with new directors, Nagarjuna owns New Talent as a hero-cum-producer. Nagarjuna is one and only star hero who has given a chance to 12 new directors from Ram Gopal Varma to  Kalyana Krishna Kurasala. When it comes to artists and technicians, many of them entered the film industry to prove their talents. Nagarjuna's risk and resolution calculation in providing new opportunities are very different. Nagarjuna, who had achieved excellent results in taking risks, sometimes had bitter experiences too. However, Nagarjuna never gave up on his adventures. Rewards are the measure of popularity for an actor, but awards for his talent stand out. Nagarjuna is very rich in this regard. It is evident that Nagarjuna has received awards which no other actor got. Nagarjuna, who received 9 prestigious Nandi Awards as an actor and producer, has also won national awards for his films Ninne Pelladatha and Rajanna. Nagarjuna, who received the Best Regional Film Producer Award in 1997 for his role and as a film producer for Ninne Pelladatha, won the Akkineni Sakutumba film award at the Nandi Awards. Nagarjuna received three Nandi Award for Best Actor and awarded as a Producer for the films Prema Katha, Yuvakudu and Manmadhudu. Nagarjuna received best actor awards for Annamayya in 1997, Santosham in 2002, Srirama Das in 2006 and a special jury award for Rajanna in 2011. Needless to say, Nagarjuna is busy as a brand ambassador. Nagarjuna became a household name in TV channels as the popular ambassador of many business ventures like Kalyan Jewelers and Gadhi Detergent Powder.

Nagarjuna, who hosted the TV show Milo Evaru Kotteswarudu earlier, is now hosting the world’s biggest reality show The Big Boss Season 3. In fact, the Big Boss Season 3, which began with criticism and protests, is creating a buzz today with an incredible rating is because of Nagarjuna. Movie Pazes wishing Nagarjuna a very happy birthday.

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