Ramcharan donates Rs 10 lakh to Noor Mohammed


Ramcharan donates Rs 10 lakh to Noor Mohammed

12 Feb, 2020

It is reported that the president megastar fans of Hyderabad city, Noor Mohammed, died of a heart attack a month ago.

Immediately after hearing the news, the megastar Chiranjeevi went to their home in Secunderabad and comforted the family.  It was reported that Ramcharan, who was abroad, promised to meet Noor Mohammed's family when he arrived in Hyderabad.  This morning (Sunday), the family of Noor Mohammed was summoned to Ram Charan's house and handed over a check for Rs 10 lakh.  On this occasion the family members are not happy.  The family told Ramcharan that the help was unforgettable and would be indebted to them.
 'Noor Mohammed's services in the name of his family are immense.  Ram Charan said that he has done many service activities for our birthdays and cinema functions, especially when we do not want to know about him.  He enjoyed being with his family.

About 45 minutes were spent with the Noor Mohammed family.  Ram Charan is particularly appreciative of his services. He assured the family that he would not bring back Noor Mohammed, but that he would support you in your home like an elder son, and that Noor Mohammed would give a good job to his son, as well as to the girls' marriages.

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