I will Make Everyone Smile as Bheeshma - Hero Nithiin!


I will Make Everyone Smile as Bheeshma - Hero Nithiin!

20 Feb, 2020

I did a character who creates memes. That's why every scene in 'Bhishma' is funny. That characterisation is seen when I will be warning the villain also. Director Venky Kudumula is directing this film Bheeshma. Suryadevara Nagavamsi produced this film under the banner of Sithara Entertainment. Rashmika Mandanna is the heroine. The movie is releasing on February 21st. On this occasion, Nithiin spoke to media.


When did you finalised the story Bheeshma?

Director Venky Kudumula said this line when I was doing 'Srinivasa Kalyanam'. I like it. He took one year to develop the story. Since the previous three films have not been played well, I started after completing the whole script. During this time, I also heard the script of 'Rang De' and Chandrashekhar Yeleti film. I started all three before they preparing the full scripts. Also, Krishna Chaitanya's 'Power Peta' script and the Hindi film 'Andhadhun' remake were finalised. Four films will probably be released this year.


How does 'Bheeshma' be?

Love and Comedy Entertainer I did after 'Dil'. Action is also mixed. Organic farming is not the main focus of this. It is only one element of the story. There will be a company called Bheeshma Organics. I am an employee. 


A fight in the trailer recalls the fight in Athadu?

Yes we took that fight by keeping Athadu fight in mind. That will impress the audience.


Looks like there is more importance for music?

Yes, Mahathi Swarasagar gives very good music. 'What a Beauty' and other songs were composed well. The background music is also good.


You were mentioning about dance specially?

Lastly, I did a lot of dance in ‘Gunde ‘Jari Gallantayyinde. After that there are small steps in the next movies. We had an idea to make dance before for this film. Those who have seen my dance on screen certainly will love it.


What about working with Rashmi?

Rashmika is awesome on screen. The coolest actress. Everyone says the chemistry between us is good.


Pawan Kalyan gets mentioned in every one of your movies. Why ... for promotion?

He has been mentioned in every film from 'Jayam’. His song, tune, poster or dialogue are there in y films. After the success of Ishq all are talking about this. That is the love on him.


You are doing Bheeshma movie while doing two other movies, didn’t you get confused?

Every director has their own style, so there is no confusion. Venky Kudumula don’t want to wink while delivering the dialogue, while Yeleti wants to wink. If ever a little I confused, the directors will bring me back to their character. 


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